Entry #2

Art/Animation Notification

2015-06-11 16:31:46 by maficmelody

[ July ] ATTN: Working NDA projects and consulation. I'm not dead, just busy!

[ NEW ] Watch latest animations on YouTube channel !

Newgrounds Art and Animation submissions understandably require a certain extent of completion/refinement for upload. For most recent developments, refer to Tumblrs:

In-progress works, studies, animation tests, etc. will be posted on my personal Tumblr:

My experimental animated comic in development, Riley & Spencer, has a separate Tumblr account.

Fav's loved and reBlogs really appreciated !


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2015-08-16 18:44:59

you do nice art/comics, i like your creationz....
and im a fan of your work for some time now, in NG.

keep up the good work!

PS: do you have a FA?

maficmelody responds:

Cool, thanks!

I have an FA but I post more work to my tumblrs anyway. Besides, you'd need an FA account for access.


2015-08-24 20:56:06

i also have a FA...

so its easy ;)

maficmelody responds:

Sent you a PM