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Sunshine Sunshine

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

Color remnants, pixelation, and hard erasures

Why are there color remnants near the corner of the arm and bikini bottom? And the bikini itself has whirling pixelation like it was filtered and saved as a .gif optimized for the web at 60%
And the hair looks like a wig.. The colors don't match the rest of the picture. It's like a bad render on a bad sci-fi movie made for television.
The body also looks a bit 'glued' at the ribcage from two different poses because of the protruding shapes the lower half is emphasizing. I think it's because you didn't illustrate a pinch in the back it looks weird.

The bikini bottom area also has really REALLY hard erasure marks. Surface reminds me of those craters you make in the Worms Armageddon series, all those 'u's and such.

It just looks like you doctored up a good painting you might have done with photoshop filters and effects. You don't need to blur your overall picture (which is what I see), let the painterly lines show through, that's what makes paintings awesome.

You've improved quite a bit from your last pictures, I'm anxious to see what you'll do next =)