Art/Animation Notification

2015-06-11 16:31:46 by maficmelody

[ July ] ATTN: Working NDA projects and consulation. I'm not dead, just busy!

[ NEW ] Watch latest animations on YouTube channel !

Newgrounds Art and Animation submissions understandably require a certain extent of completion/refinement for upload. For most recent developments, refer to Tumblrs:

In-progress works, studies, animation tests, etc. will be posted on my personal Tumblr:

My experimental animated comic in development, Riley & Spencer, has a separate Tumblr account.

Fav's loved and reBlogs really appreciated !

Hello NG

2011-11-27 00:55:51 by maficmelody

I frolic in the Art and Animation sections of the BBS daily, enjoying learning of new tricks and trends.

Always willing to help fellow artists and animators within reason.

Thanks for your visit =D